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So what's new in this version? As revealed in this series of Tweets, Brooke's production company found several raw video files originally filmed as part of the "World's Smallest Bikini" video shoot, but which had been corrupted on the memory card. As such, they couldn't be opened after they were imported. The good news is that these videos have finally been repaired and recovered! The World's Smallest Bikini video has now been remastered to include this new, never-before-seen content, plus naughty bits that had been censored in the edits before! And wow, is it some good stuff. The shower scene is now easily up there with the hottest things Brooke has ever recorded!

There's a lot to be enjoyed here - you see Brooke in the "world's smallest bikini" both during the day and the night, with and without baby oil, dry and then soapy, dressed and then showering. You get a lot of ways to look at her, dancing, standing, bending over, looking up from between her open legs, and zoomed in on her naughty bits.


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