Premium Wins

With a house party in full swing at Malloy's, Bailey drunkenly smuggled her plaything into the bedroom (which was off-limits!) and locked the door. She stripped him down to his boxers, and then slipped into the bathroom to change into something sexy. When she came back through the doorway wearing sheer lingerie, the guy had already powered up a few of Malloy's cameras to record whatever came next. And that's where this video starts.

Bailey straddles this lucky guy at the knees, let's her tits mostly fall out her top, and then slides her hands into his boxers and fondles his cock. She gets him hard and starts licking and mouthing his dick through the fabric, then pulls it out! She starts grinding on it, and then slides it into her pussy and fucks him until she cums. With his dick all slick from being in her pussy, Bailey pumps it in her hand, admiring the size of it, and rolling her eyes back into her head over and over in that cute little tic she has when she's horny and trying to keep her head. She spits and puts her wet-lips on his dick to keep it wet, and begs for the cum until it's all over her face.

Malloy and her man weren't thrilled that Bailey had broken into the bedroom and messed around on their bed without permission, but being able to release this naughty improvised "zipset" sort of makes up for it. If you're going to break the rules at Malloy's parties, ABR: "Always Be Recording!"


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