Premium Wins

DJ Panda planned on filming a sexy bikini lapdance video; leave it to Bailey to take it to the next level.

Bailey wastes no time getting down to business in her full contact lap dance. She encourages DJ Panda to grope and spank her while she twerks inches from his face. Knowing the camera is watching her, she grinds her pussy on his firm dick.

Bailey enjoys feeling him get visibly hard for her and starts stroking him over and under his boxers. The two continue to turn each other on, making sure fans get a good look while they play.

A thongless Bailey performs an extreme reverse cowgirl position and twerks while massaging her clit on DJs throbbing bulge. Hes had enough of her tease and starts massaging and fingering her pussy. She attempts to win back control, but shes overtaken by her lust and needs to get off.

For the first time in her career, Bailey gets fully serviced by a masked man who wants nothing more than to feel her legs shake and quiver. As she starts to build to orgasm, she cant help but lift her hips and reveal rhythmic glimpses of her wet bank slot. Bailey lets out uncontrollable moans as her pussy is licked and sucked, ending the video with her adorable giggle-gasm that fans love.