Premium Wins

Fans have begged for more Avery Ray content for YEARS, eventually coming to terms with the limited run of this redheaded beauty. While the well was thought to be dry, just like an underwater lake, the Panda webmasters simply needed to dig deeper into the many "wells" of hard drives that have accumulated over the years. Blasting forth was the extra naughty Panda Cabin content, long forgotten, and previously too hot to release.

Avery wears lingerie so sheer that it could double as a net for safely transferring aquarium fish to a new tank. The thong is only a strip of elastic that refuses to stay in place, giving the viewer an unbelievable shot of Avery's tight asshole. Avery continues her teasing by stretching the material around her pussy, showing off her pierced coin slot and rubbing herself while smiling at the camera.

As the video approaches the 2nd half, Avery removes her barely there lingerie, exposing her perfect body. Nipslips abound as she shakes and poses on the bed, however the lower half slip is what fans have waited on. She smiles looking up to the camera from the bed, exposed for a moment worth screencapping.