Tiny Zips

Gorgeous bartender and Youtube Star Ashlee Nova has the night off and she's spending it with you in OMFG FISHNET! This isn't your typical poker game - not because Ashlee can't play poker, she'd just rather play with you! Her favorite beer makes a special appearance throughout the zip, making her extra flirty for the camera.

Ashlee starts with a striptease, her perky tits bouncing through the fishnet, which hides nothing. As the camera pans down the body, she teases her shorts giving the viewer her first full COINSLOT peek ever! Ashlee may not be as shy as you thought, or she may just be buzzed. Despite the fishnet offering no coverage, she strips it off and continues to tease the viewer from all angles. Ashlee's stunning bikini area is exposed by a fishnet bottom that even a fish could swim through!