Brooke Marks

Go Team USA! Brooke Marks shows her support for Coach Klinsmann's squad of twenty-three "Stars and Stripes" as they head to Brazil to do battle with the 2014 World Cup's "Group of Death". The U.S. Team may be headed for an early exit from group play, but this zipset is a winner!

At the start of this video, Brooke demonstrates her dangerous dribbling, juggling, and ignorance of the game while trash-talking the rest of the world. It's a truly American tribute to the world's greatest international sports event which Brooke is definitely at least casually aware is about to be played.

Marvel at Brooke's undisguised irritation to be simultaneously covered in paint and standing outdoors on a May afternoon, which blossoms into her trademark impatient sighs, adorable frowns, and affected hand-wringing between every snap of the shutter. Once indoors, we get a great look at Brooke's fit body as she dances for three HD cameras, switching to all the best angles as she jiggles her sexy kit. During her dance, the body paint uniform starts to break down over her curves and rub off. Like every uniform, after an hour of heavy use, it's time to give it a wash.

Although the video starts with a dubious display of sport, it ends with fireworks that will leave her fans speechless. After the striptease, Brooke goes back outside and melts away the body paint with bottles of warm water until there's nothing left of her jersey but faint smears of blue. It's the best uninterrupted view of Brooke's famous boobs that we've ever seen! After stripping off her socks, cleats, shin-guards, and the inch of tape covering her slot, Brooke scampers to the shower and reveals even more as the soapy lather takes off the last traces of paint. The end of this video is HOT, HOT, HOT!