Brooke Marks

Ding-dong, Trick or Treat! Pull out something good, because Brooke's at the door wearing the sluttiest Halloween costumes of all time!

Essentially four new zips at once, this King-Sized zipset is the biggest and most revealing video release Brooke has ever done! With almost an entire hour of HD video, it's twice as long as even her biggest previous zip, and it's destined to be a classic! This is a video set you'll be coming back to year after year (and cumming to again and again), featuring nine different chapters and three crazy tiny improvised outfits (four if you include her Birthday suit). You see Brooke make all the costumes from scratch in the nude, fit them loosely to her tits and pussy, and striptease in each one. She also how off her blowjob skills; a skillset that has only ever been hinted at in camshows. It's a quadruple-zipset for the ages!